Rules of Survival Cheat For Android Phone

Download Game Guardian.apk

Game Guardian Script V7


Camera Hack Fly Teleport Kill Jump Hack Jump Teleport Hack Flying Car Hack Walking Speedhack No Grass Hack


Your Device needs to be rooted
Installed Game Guardian
Game Guardian Script

Watch Video on how to use:

Rules of Survival Anti-Ban and Anti-Report Updated

Download Anti-Report 

For Anti-Report Instruction: 

1. Download the File 

2. Right Click Run as admin

3. Dont turn it off while playing 

For Anti-Ban Instructions:
1. Delete the “gmcomplainedimg.tga” if it already exists.
2. Create a Blank text file in C:rosDocuments (or wherever ros is installed) , rename it to “gmcomplainedimg.tga” (make sure you’re changing extension)
3. Right Click the file, Go to Properties
5. On the general tab select “Read Only”
4. On the Security tab Select each group individually and click “EDIT”
5. Disallow all permissions
6. Click Advanced
7. Change Owner to SYSTEM
9. Make sure others are disallowed access

Exiled Ros Cheat NEW Cheat Undetected With Telekill No Force Close Of Game


No Force Close Of Game
No Grass
High Jump
Support Steam Update

How to USE  

1. Right click ExileD Ros Cheat.exe and Run as Administrator
2. Open ROS GAME then press LOAD HACK!
3. DONE! Enjoy Hacking!
4. Use Left Mouse for enable hack, Right Mouse for disable. Press Insert for hide/show menu
   You can drag menu to anywhere you want

Ros cheat june 19 - 20 2018 triptofan 6.0+teleportkill

Ros cheat june 19 - 20 2018 triptofan 6.0+teleportkill File Telekill Open Cheat FIRST ===========================================...